Weekend Camping at Pace Bend Park, Spicewood, TX


Long exposure with stars in the sky

As a wedding photographer, I usually work on the weekend. Even though I love what I do (meeting new people and making new friends), there are times when I want to stay unplugged to spend some quality time with good friends and family. During a recent weekend off, we planned a camping trip that happened to coincide with Easter. I tried to stay as unplugged as I can but was still responding to some emails and text messages from clients. Does having my camera with me truly considered “unplugged”? I don’t think there are many photographers that would not bring a camera on a camping trip, be it for capturing the wildlife or an opportunity of capturing the stars and Milky Way.

Landscape photo at Lake Travis during sunset

We went to Pace Bend Park located in the Hill Country of Central Texas just west of Travis County? Our campsite was on the shoreline of Lake Travis. The weather was fair but when night falls temperature drops and I was not equipped to handle the low temperature. I layered on as many articles of clothing that I have brought with me to keep warm.


Long exposure nighttime photo of the sky over Lake Travis


Mother tying daughter's hair

mother braiding daughter's hair

girl in colorful winter clothes

Adults were fishing and cooking while the kids were keeping themselves busy without being on their iPads and iPhones. It was nice to see them doing outdoor activities and using their imaginations to entertain themselves.

field of bluebonnets

We were surrounded by bluebonnets… they were everywhere!

Field of cacti at Pace Bend Park

These cacti were obstacles to avoid while walking around at night. Luckily for us, the moon was bright and we each carry our personal source of illumination.

Girls playing in the outdoor

They literally was playing with water, rocks, twigs, and mud.

Long exposure of the sky full of stars

Long exposure photo of the nightsky

I attempted to capture the Milky Way while at Pace Bend Park, but the cloudy condition coupling with light pollution was not an ideal environment. This just mean I need to make a trip to Nevada or other similarly secluded places!


girls collecting eggs for Easter egg hunts.



Girl running in field of bluebonnets collecting easter eggs




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